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House Removals


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Before your move, it may be better your removals company coming to your property for a pre-move survey. They will not only be able to assess the volume of your belongings, and whether there will be any items of furniture that may need care when moving, but also if there are any issues with access.

Ways to save money when moving house is to use a comparison site so you can get handfuls of quotes as a starting point to help you find the best price.

Some areas’ traffic wardens do understand people need to move in or out of properties and as long as there is constant activity in loading and unloading.

Some removal companies will arrange this for you.

Another way is to ask any neighbours that have a permit if they have a visitors pass as, in some areas, households can apply or have a spare. You could also ask them in advance to leave the space around your property free for the removal vehicle to park. 

‘Long carry’ is used when there is an unusually long distance from the back door of the removal vehicle and the doorstep of the property.