Professional Packing Service

Professional Packing Service


We use only the highest quality packing materials, ensuring that your possessions are safely guarded from damage during the move. Our packing is charged on an hourly basis or as part of a fixed rate. Our high quality packing experience will provide you with peace of mind and the assurance that your possessions will arrive intact.


  • Packing box SMALL – £1 per piece
  • Packing box MEDIUM – £1.40 per piece
  • Packing box LARGE – £1.80 per piece
  • Bubble wrap – £25 per roll
  • Mobile wardrobe – £10 each
  • Thick tape for sealing the boxes – £2 per roll
  • Specialist packing paper – 500 sheets (1 ream) – £15


Our Experienced Staff Will:

  • Disassemble furniture (and reassemble at the other end as well)
  • Use covers or bubble wrap to wrap your sofa, bed and other requested items
  • Wrap and pack your dishes, glassware and cookware
  • Carefully wrap your pictures, paintings and all fragile items
  • Disconnect and wrap (as appropriate) all your electrical appliances such as the TV, entertainment system, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer and other items as required
  • Pack your clothing in special wardrobe containers
  • Carefully pack books, documents and files in a way that is easy to find and arrange at your destination


You don’t need to worry about boxes and other materials needed for packing your furniture. We provide you with all the supplies.

All furniture will be export wrapped by your removal company.

Export wrap is a special kind of wrapping that consists of several layers of different material that ensures your furniture is protected.

Export wrapping furniture for overseas moves will also protect the surfaces of the items from damage, unlike bubble wrap which, if applied directly to some surfaces, can cause damage upon removal if it has undergone any temperature changes during transit.

All furniture that is fragile, especially valuable or a specialist items, will also be crated, such as large flat screen TVs, mirrors, pictures etc. 

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